Moogfest 2018

Stoked to be enjoying the best in NC this week. Spent 5 days on Topsail Island and spent last night in Durham. Tomorrow, May 17, Moogfest 2018!!! I also just joined the Cognitive Neuroscience Society ❤ Setting up my profile at North Carolina Central University soon. had a great semester Spring 2018 as a readmit to Interdisciplinary Studies, studying German, Psychology and Linguistics. The summer will be about following up German and getting fit, spending time with Durham family, playing music, and hitting that beach as mush as possible. Fall 2018 studying Interdisciplinary Studies/continue with Dr Stefanie Frigo and Cognitive Neuroscience with Dr Walter Charles.  Until I get new photos from this year, here are some pix from last year, Moogfest 2017, and the Danube, Germany and Austria from the end of last summer ‘2017. Welcome to the blog that wouldn’t die, it just came out of mothballs!! I’d like to mention and thank Dr Collie Fulford, who helped me find my place at Central, and led me to meeting Stef Frigo, and subsequently, a very happy fit with the department she advises, Interdisciplinary Studies at NCCU, where she also teaches advanced English Grammar and Linguistics. I had Collie for Writing for Digital media, which inspired me to start my blog, and Technical Writing.

You can’t beat the feeling of being where you are meant to be, doing what you are meant to be doing!! ❤